Who we are

Drunk Dinner Parties are here because you make better friends over mac and cheese than at that networking event you were talked into attending last week.

The idea behind Drunk Dinner Party started in 2016. After spending two years abroad in Shanghai, I found myself in an expat rut. And so I started having people over for dinner as often as I could, people I’ve been friends with for the entirety of my time in Shanghai and people I had just met, because it felt natural to cook for them. I’ve always loved bringing people together through food, and nothing makes that easier than a few cocktails poured with a heavy hand along the way.

There are overwhelming similarities between food-sharing cultures around the world: Turkish meze, Italian antipasti, Korean 반찬, Russian закуски, Scandinavian smörgåsbord, and Chinese C all involve inviting family and friends into your home to share food and good cheer. The goal of Drunk Dinner Parties is to invoke this atmosphere of passing small plates, eating good food, and creating a new community in the spaces we inhabit.

These are not frou-frou hors d’oeurves served on silver trays with toothpicks and crystal glasses. Our aim is simple: to build rapport and friendship through communal eating experiences and if there happens to be mac and cheese involved, all the better.

Join us at our next Shanghai event!